Cisco IOS ACL calculator

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Access List number:
My desired rule is to: Permit traffic Deny traffic

Protocol to permit or deny: TCP UDP ICMP All IP protocols

Source and destination addresses may be specified in any combination of three syntaxes: a single IP address, a range of addresses in the format a.a.a.a-b.b.b.b or a.a.a.a-b (ascending order ONLY), or a CIDR block in the format x.x.x.x/nn. You may supply a comma-separated list of any or all of these formats. Use the word "any" to specify all addresses. For example, all of the following are legal:,,,

Port refers to a TCP or a UDP port. The valid range is 0-65535. Ports may be specified as a single port, a range of ports in the form xxxx-yyyy, or a comma separated list of any combination of those.

Source address, address range, list:
Source port, range, list:

Destination address, address range, list:
Destination port, range, list:

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